Our Mission


At Old School Pilates, we know that now more than ever, traditional practice is needed and essential for these unprecedented, untraditional times.

We believe each and every body has unique needs and deserves a personalized practice for addressing them. We are here to empower you to get stronger and gain mental strength.

We are dedicated to making Pilates accessible through our Pilates for All Initiative  and our work with the Circle of Hope Cancer Wellness Center  .

Our Core Values


Education . Accessibility . Empowerment 

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Our teaching methodology

We teach the science backed practice of traditional Pilates, the way Joe Pilates carefully and consciously designed it. We believe that pilates is a habit training tool for centering, strengthening and creating discipline - both in and out of the studio. We empower you to gain independence and autonomy as you move your body and your mindset.

Hello, I'm Daniela Mazal.

I am a lifelong mover and a shaker and I am on a mission to make Pilates accessible for all, both as a career and as a practice.

I have over 15 year’s experience teaching movement to people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

The discipline of Pilates has taught me purpose and focus of body and mind. Through consistent practice I have learned strength, confidence, and grace that have served me in many demanding moments in life, including a 60 hour labor during the birth of my son and managing my mom’s end of life care last year. You can follow my story and how Pilates serves my daily life through my blog #themombodchronicles.

This year, I will use the discipline Pilates has taught me as I pursue my M.S in Kinesiology, working towards my long term goal of bringing Pilates to academia.

My students include medical doctors, physical therapists, school psychologists, CEOs, and professional athletes. All agree that Pilates has transformed their lives through both physical and mental strength.

My biggest accomplishments thus far are the beautiful family I have built through a strong 12 year partnership with my husband Alex, our three adopted pups, Jelly Bean, Megatron, and Sugar, as well as the latest addition to the family, our one year old son, Graham.

The Pilates for All Initiative

My mom, Dr. Lynn Caesar passed away from lung cancer in 2020 and dedicated her life to social justice and helping others through her work as a psychotherapist, herbalist, and laughter yoga teacher. She was a dedicated student of Pilates and an unwavering mover and a shaker until the very end.

In the spirit of Joe Pilates and my mom, the Pilates for all initiative is dedicated to making the discipline of Pilates accessible for all regardless of gender, location, disability, socioeconomic class, ethnicity, language, migration, displacement, or any other circumstance.

Donation-based spaces are made available in each of our six week programs for those in need.


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