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Mom Bod Manifesto

Jul 29, 2022


We are mothers, we are powerful 

Biological mothers

Adoptive mothers

Inherited mothers

Mothers by choice

Mothers by force

Single mothers 


Surrogate Mothers 

Birthing people 

Anyone else that fills the “role” of a mother 



Our bodies are incredible 

We create life

We nourish life 

We comfort the young, the old, and the in between 

We give our entire selves to raise the next generation 



We are here to change the narrative 

We are warriors 

We are strong 

We are beautiful

We are resilient

We are powerful 

We can put ourselves first and still take care of others 

We can teach others to respect our bodies, and our choices 


We are here to come together 

Unity is strength

Knowledge is power

Support is everything

We are here for you 


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Side Bend

I am a lifelong mover and a shaker and I am on a mission to make Pilates accessible for all, both as a career and as a practice.

I have over 15 year’s experience teaching movement to people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

The discipline of Pilates has taught me purpose and focus of body and mind. Through consistent practice I have learned strength, confidence, and grace that have served me in many demanding moments in life, including a 60 hour labor during the birth of my son and managing my mom’s end of life care last year. You can follow my story and how Pilates serves my daily life through my blog #themombodchronicles.