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Tips for caring for kids when we arent feeling our best

Aug 19, 2022


I am Daniela Mazal of @mombodchronicle and CEO/Founder  of Old School Pilates and I am happy to share some tips for how I take care of my son when I am not feeling my best. Having a 15 month on, he has pretty much been sick every few weeks since he started hanging with other kiddos. Therefore, I have also been sick far more than I am used to. I have found it super helpful to practice self care WITH my sick kiddos rather than attending to his needs first and then maybe mine if I have the time. Here are some tips I use to manage, hope they are helpful!


  1.  Bathe daily 


Why do we steam a stuffy baby out in the bathroom? Because it clears out their yuck so they feel better. Do the same for yourself! In addition to literally clearing the yuck, studies have shown that warm water activates the parasympathetic nervous system which calms us down and relieves stress. Being sick with a baby is stressful. Take a bath if possible or at least a hot shower.  If you don't have help, bathe with your kiddos so you both get the benefits in half the time!


  1. Sleep when the baby sleeps 


Now most of the time I think this is B.S advice. There are so many other things I need to do while my son is sleeping. But while you are sick, rest is more important than anything else. Prioritize rest. Studies have demonstrated that sleep is a deciding factor in our immune systems ability to fight off illness. So, when you are sick, sleep when the baby (or older kid) sleeps!

  1. Gargle with Warm Salt Water


This is a super quick and easy self care routine you can do daily when sick. Salt water can raise serotonin levels in the blood relieving headaches and migraines. It is also amazing for sore throats, and any sort of dental issues. And again, warm water, carms and relieves stress. 


  1. Get outside, even for a moment


Research shows that Vitamin D helps to fight infections and boost our immune response. It also helps us sleep better and relieves stress. Get outside with your kiddos, it'll do you all a little good. 

  1. Move your body 


Now I am not saying this is the time for a HIIT workout or a high intensity peloton ride. Nope! Those may actually have the opposite effect. But gentle stretching, or a leisurely walk outdoors can actually open up your sinuses and allow you to breathe deeper. Moving your body also releases endorphins which are your natural painkillers. 

Hope these were helpful!


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