Teacher's Training

The intention of the Old School Pilates training program is to empower you with confidence, intuition, and a thorough understanding of the entire system of Pilates and it was originally intended.


We intend to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and the foundation to teach healthy bodies in an effective, safe, and fun manner.  We teach a people-first methodology. You will learn to address clients’ unique needs and how to successfully progress them throughout the Pilates system.


The mat order facilitates personal transformation for the mind and body through a combination of strength, flexibility, and balance. You will receive a deep understanding of the order, the benefits it facilitates, as well as their connection to all other exercises and apparatus within the system through shapes in space. You will learn to empower your students to find their own practice that they will take with them out of the studio and into the rest of the world.


You will learn:


  • What is Pilates, the man the method and the history behind it
  • The genius of the order on the Mat
  • Other parts of the Pilates system will be discussed
  • Benefits of Pilates
  • How to incorporate Puzzle Pieces and Pilates Principles into your sessions
  • Effective cuing tools
  • How to effectively work the space
  • Language skills to educate and inspire
  • Anatony and Bony landmarks
  • Assisting
  • personal and group coaching skills
  • managing time in a dynamic teaching environment